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03 Kae Sasaki Untitled Tagliatelle.jpg

Untitled (Tagliatelle)

Untitled (Tagliatelle) 18X36X20cm (2023) is a loom-woven beaded sheet pasta turned tagliatelle, made of reclaimed vintage Japanese beads that playfully challenges the traditional notions of art, consumption, and waste. The intricate beadwork mimics the delicate strands of pasta, contemplating the interplay between everyday objects and their artistic potential.

Untitled (Paper Towel)

Untitled (Beaded Towel) (2023-24) delves into the interplay between disposable consumer culture and the intrinsic value of traditional craftsmanship. By juxtaposing the ephemeral nature of paper towels with the enduring beauty of intricate beadwork, I explore themes of transience and preservation. It prompts viewers to question the sustainability of our consumption habits and the overlooked potential for artistry in everyday objects. Through this juxtaposition, I aim to ignite conversations about materialism, resourcefulness, and the delicate balance between convenience and environmental consciousness.

01 Kae Sasaki Untitled Paper Towel beadloom.jpg
07 Kae Sasaki Untitled Floor Globe.jpg

Untitled (Floor Globe)

Untitled (Floor Globe) 76X33X33cm (2021) is a found 1970’s floor globe that is beaded over with reclaimed vintage Japanese beads and depicts the world familiar to myself, bringing together fragments of culture and disparate ideas that coagulate to suggest our hyper-connected yet fragile world.

Untitled (Beaded Purse)

Untitled (Beaded Purse) 25X18X6cm (2023), is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovation, with reclaimed vintage Japanese beads. Its exterior showcases intricate beadwork, while the interior surprises with hidden beadwork, an invitation to explore the fusion of beauty and functionality. It's a tactile journey through the soul of Japanese design.

09 Kae Sasaki Untitled Beaded Purse.jpg
10 Kae Sasaki Untitled Beaded Kimono.jpg

Untitled (Beaded Child Kimono)

Untitled (Beaded Kimono) (2018-19) 91cmX69cm, is beadwork of a handsewn child-sized kimono lined with pleated Canadian Maple Leaf tartan with hidden pockets for travel documents and valuables, with beaded front of river stream patterns to meditate upon the history of Japanese Canadians leading up to WWII.

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